Behind the Scenes with Business Growth Insiders Co-Host, Jeff Evans

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Jeff Evans, co-host of Business Growth Insiders takes his turn to share who he is and what he does. His strategic approach to helping clients is evident by the different philosophy he uses to run his digital agency. He strongly believes that a business owner should be in control of the marketing decisions that directly impact their business. They need to know not only what they need for marketing, but why they need it.

When he’s not recording a podcast, Jeff is the president of J. Vincent Creative, where he is committed to making sure his clients have the right people showing up to do business with them. He is also a strong believer that a business owner deserves to have experts on their team so they can concentrate on doing the work they love. 

His expertise was built in several different digital marketing agencies and then taking on a different perspective in the role of Chief Marketing Officer of a small business. Like many entrepreneurs, his desire to have flexibility and proximity to family drew his heart to launch his own agency. Jeff loves working to help a crowded marketplace of medical spas stand out in a noisy world.

J. Vincent Creative offers web design and development, SEO, and Facebook and Instagram advertising. He is equipped to “take your business and grow.”

Episode Highlights

2:35 Jeff mentions that he’s hanging out with his family and small business owners. Note: This episode was recorded before social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements!


3:11 Jeff shares a distinct differentiator for his digital marketing agency. 


5:16 Information about a private Facebook group available to Business Growth Insiders listeners.


6:24 Hear about Jeff’s journey and skills that were developed to take him to where his business is today.


7:50 What is Jeff’s perspective about marketing plumbing? 


8:40 What was the driver behind Jeff’s agency start and how did failure lead him to where he is today?


11:30 We learn the mistake Jeff made when buying books in a particular genre.


13:20 Jeff shares how a decision to develop his own agency gave him the freedom he needed but, like many, took a side road for awhile


15:12 Lisa identifies the tipping point that motivated Jeff and the work he put in to get there


16:26 The key driving value behind how Jeff operates his business


16: 48 Jeff outlines the services he offers his clients and his desire to help business owners


20:10 Jeff breaks down the mystery of Facebook for marketing your business and the perils associated without using a strategy specially tailored for your need


25:40 Hear about the marketing richness of using Google My Business and the impact on your company’s visibility


28:55 Jeff wraps up the show with some personal thoughts about how he shows up every day


About Your Hosts

Jeff Evans and Lisa McGuire each own their own small business, specializing in different areas of marketing. Jeff brings the experienced knowledge of digital marketing and technology while Lisa brings the insights of marketing strategy combined with messaging through story. 


Jeff’s Contact Info: jeff@jvincentcreative.com 

To learn more about Jeff: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffevans78/


Lisa’s Contact Info: lisa@openwindmarketing.com

To learn more about Lisa: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-mcguire/

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