Connections, Content & Consistency – How to Grow a Business You Love with Paul J Daly

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Entrepreneurs are known for having big dreams, but they don’t happen without action. Paul J. Daly lives his life with intention – to start, to create content, and to be consistent about the pursuit of connections. This has resulted in a life packed with amazing stories as he built Congruent, his full-service creative marketing agency. He shares his ideas about starting – “You can’t succeed until you fail. You can’t fail unless you start.” and his strategy for booking high profile podcast guests – “Be willing to ask and offer a value proposition for your guest. “

Yes, Paul lives his life and leads his company with the mission of “Business is more meaningful when people connect on a human level.” Share a few minutes with Paul J. Daly. You’ll be inspired to leverage the power of connection and create content that is authentic to who you are while serving your audience.

Paul J. Daly is also a Business Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Host of the Clarity Compressed Podcast. A Philly native, Paul calls Syracuse, NY home with his wife, four children, three dogs, two cats, and whatever other pet his kids can talk him into.

Resources Mentioned: 

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 Want to learn more about Paul’s work?

Check out the agency website: https://www.congruentstory.com/

Personal website: https://www.pauljdaly.com/

Clarity Compress Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE1atfvTIP6ddr6NRlnN2kCUbR-lVkvqH


Connect with Paul:
Instagram: @paulthedaly
Twitter: @paulthedaly
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pauljdaly/

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