September 9, 2020 in Podcast

Five Actions You Need to Take to Grow Your Business with Erika Bryant

“Open the doors and they will come" is not an effective marketing strategy. You've actually got to show up for people to know you exist. Most people make a good attempt but fall short when they try to close a lead. Erika Bryant helps business owners understand marketing principles and activate marketing in their business by applying a framework called the Piece of Cake Marketing Funnel for Success. While the five steps sound easy, (know what you want, know what you offer, show up, give, and ask) you must be intentional in your execution. Lots of great info for all…
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September 3, 2020 in Podcast

Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Small Business with Stephanie Sokenis

Our current economy has created the motivation for many people to start their own business. One of the challenges they find is being an expert in your industry doesn’t mean you know how to run a business. If you take the time to research key information you can save yourself lots of resources. Stephanie Sokenis shares her love for helping small business owners as an Accredited Small Business Advisor and shares ideas about money well spent and pitfalls to avoid. Want to learn more about Small Biz Ally? Check out their website: https://www.smallbizally.com/ Phone: 678-822-3959 Connect with Stephanie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniesokenis/ About…
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July 27, 2020 in Podcast

Ep. 17 Pivoting Your Business When Your Industry Stalls with Jeff Robertson

Summary Before the COVID pandemic, ETA Creative Event Producers put on an average of 100 shows (sales kick-offs, recognition events, product launches) a year for 45 unique brands. Within a matter of days, live events came to a grinding halt. The focus turned to what could be done virtually. Jeff Robertson, managing director, shares how his company pivoted to bring a next-level experience to Zoom-fatigued audiences.  Highlights Consider the need for developing content, aligning with a platform (your virtual venue), and how to engage the user to give them a benefit from showing up. You also need to send the…
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July 25, 2020 in Podcast

Ep. 16 The Power of Identifying a Niche Market with Matt Hoffman

Summary Many small business owners understand they should choose a niche market but are hesitant to do so. Matt Hoffman, president of Frontline Technology, LLC specializes in non-profits.  When most managed service providers are going after the big companies, non-profits face many of the same security and maintenance issues. Hear what choosing a niche and going after it has done for Matt’s business. Highlights.  Matt knew he liked technology and was also called into ministry. He explains how he developed a career being able to blend the two interests. At one time churches were not targeted for security breaches related…
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July 8, 2020 in Podcast

Ep. 15 – Taking Action When You Identify a Need – Hunter Cluthe with William & Reed Academy

In a time when the topic of what to do about school this fall is top of mind, there could not be a timelier guest to the Business Growth Insiders podcast. Hunter Cluthe, founder and Head of School at William & Reed Academy shares a new model of education serving middle school and high school students in the north Atlanta area. As a former business owner, veteran teacher, and administrator, Hunter recognized education was not a one-size-fits-all service. He identified an opportunity and set out to create a private school to allow students to focus on strong academics and still…
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June 10, 2020 in Podcast

Marketing Strategy in the Middle of a Pandemic – Episode 14

Join Lisa and Jeff as they review marketing in today’s unusual work situation and economy created by the COVID19 pandemic. None of us were trained for a pandemic. It wasn’t built into our Vision2020 marketing plan. Episode Highlights The companies who are doing well today took a step back when everything started. They pivoted their message; their product offering and came up with a new way to operate moving forward. People want to get back to what was normal but recognize that we aren’t there yet. This is what’s behind terms like the “new normal.” You have to be sensitive…
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June 1, 2020 in Podcast

Episode 13 – Google Maps and the 3-Pack Strategy

Jeff is the digital marketing expert of the Business Growth Insiders team. In this episode he focuses on leveraging the power of the Google Maps 3-pack strategy. Join Jeff and Lisa as they discuss an evergreen strategy using the Google Map Pack. Episode Highlights When people go to search, the majority of people are skipping past the paid ads and are often reaching a business via the 3-pack listing 68% of the click-throughs are found on a local service listing Your business is classified as category. It’s important to connect the content in your website to the categories. This means…
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May 29, 2020 in Podcast


Catherine Brown is the founder of ExtraBold Sales, a sales training firm. She loves selling and wants to lead a revolution to reform the way people think about what selling is. Her favorite thing is to help others learn to sell with no sleaze or cheese. Catherine is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide, which means she’s always thinking about how marketing language and sales tools fit together. Catherine started her consulting sales experience by selling B2B consulting services for hi-tech companies for several years before founding a boutique telemarketing firm, where she served over 200 companies over a 15 year…
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