Five Actions You Need to Take to Grow Your Business with Erika Bryant

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“Open the doors and they will come” is not an effective marketing strategy. You’ve actually got to show up for people to know you exist. Most people make a good attempt but fall short when they try to close a lead. Erika Bryant helps business owners understand marketing principles and activate marketing in their business by applying a framework called the Piece of Cake Marketing Funnel for Success. While the five steps sound easy, (know what you want, know what you offer, show up, give, and ask) you must be intentional in your execution. Lots of great info for all of us in this episode.

Resources referenced in the episode:

  • One-Page Marketing Plan by Allen Dib
  • Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schafer
  • Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley
  • One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand
  • Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman

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Jeff Evans and Lisa McGuire each own their own small business, specializing in different areas of marketing. Jeff brings the experienced knowledge of digital marketing and technology while Lisa brings the insights of marketing strategy combined with
messaging through story.

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