Getting Your Health Right with Suzanne Carpenter

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Suzanne Carpenter is an approachable, sincere, fun-loving, and passionate leader who loves to see personal improvement and transformation in those she teaches. Through her successful 10-year nutrition career Suzanne saw a gap in the industry and a trend in society. Americans are more confused and overwhelmed than ever when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off.

She created a virtual nutrition education company called CarpenterOne80 whose mission is to provide affordable and simple programs that can clear up food confusion so that people can win at losing weight.

Suzanne is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and the CEO and Founder of CarpenterOne80 as well as the creator of SOS (Suz On Your Shoulder) , Babysit My Plate, and The Food Peace University, three different virtual bite-sized nutrition courses. They were designed to teach you what you need to know to create sustainable results.


Episode Highlights

4:00 What was the question that prompted Suzanne to change her life and how she looked at food?

6:55 How can we manage our eating and what part does comfort food have in our food choices?

8:40 Suzanne shares the struggle of how to manage the distraction of the food supply easily accessible in your home and why we are attracted to eat.

12:10 How to recognize the difference between emotional and physical hunger.

16:18 Suzanne chimes in on how to select a style of diet that will work for you.

20:21 What happened during the industrial revolution that impacts our eating today.

21:44 The premise behind fiber helping you to lose weight, feeling better, and not experience hunger.

24:00 The services Suzanne offers to her clients to help them learn to eat better.

28:15 The types of things Suzanne did to grow her business

31:27 The advice shared about why we should continue to show up in our businesses

34:56 The best thing to do to make a difference in your health.

You can find Suzanne here:


Facebook and Instagram: @carpenterone80



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