Marketing Strategy in the Middle of a Pandemic – Episode 14

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Join Lisa and Jeff as they review marketing in today’s unusual work situation and economy created by the COVID19 pandemic. None of us were trained for a pandemic. It wasn’t built into our Vision2020 marketing plan.

Episode Highlights

The companies who are doing well today took a step back when everything started. They pivoted their message; their product offering and came up with a new way to operate moving forward.

People want to get back to what was normal but recognize that we aren’t there yet. This is what’s behind terms like the “new normal.” You have to be sensitive to what people are going through. You have to understand the concerns and the best way to reach people from where they are now. We have to recognize there are a variety of opinions and our messaging needs to meet people where they are now.

Companies need to focus their communication during a pandemic need to understand what their client’s value. Those who do B2B sales need to focus on the ease of doing business with you, the stability of your product, reducing the anxiety they feel about your business interaction and social responsibility. Those who focus on B2C should focus on reducing risk, reducing anxiety and the need for affiliation.

The problems our customers had 12 weeks ago have likely changed. What are you doing to solve them?

What should businesses be doing now for marketing strategy?

Seize opportunities. Go about networking in a different way.

Saw the need for people to move their marketing online. Story Marketing Success is an online small group coaching program helps business owners create their compelling and clear message to then integrate into a marketing sales funnel to build online relationships until they turn into a committed buyer. The next session is open for registration. It has a built-in peer group of business owners who offer a networking opportunity and focus group.

Show Notes

Bain & Company B2B Elements Of Value During the Pandemic


Bain & Company B2C Elements During the Pandemic


LinkedIn Research Study Work Confidence Index


Storymarketingsuccess.com for information for the online small group coaching program teaching how to create a marketing message and sales funnel Lisa referenced.


About Your Hosts

Jeff Evans and Lisa McGuire each own their own small business, specializing in different areas of marketing. Jeff brings the experienced knowledge of digital marketing and technology while Lisa brings the insights of marketing strategy combined with messaging through story. 

Jeff’s Contact Info: jeff@jvincentcreative.com

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