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Catherine Brown is the founder of ExtraBold Sales, a sales training firm. She loves selling and wants to lead a revolution to reform the way people think about what selling is. Her favorite thing is to help others learn to sell with no sleaze or cheese. Catherine is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide, which means she’s always thinking about how marketing language and sales tools fit together.

Catherine started her consulting sales experience by selling B2B consulting services for hi-tech companies for several years before founding a boutique telemarketing firm, where she served over 200 companies over a 15 year period. Her firm was an alternative to call centers, where she and her staff called on C-level executives on behalf of their clients to qualify or disqualify them as potential sales leads.

She founded ExtraBold sales after recognizing a problem that needed to be solved. Teams that had received traditional sales training were not seeing the results in closing more business. She restructured sales training to include two parts: sales tools that we use that help us with the process but also personal transformation, the psychology of selling and personal development.

You may contact Catherine at: https://www.extraboldsales.com


2:50 How can businesses start ramping up their cash flow quickly when business starts to open up?  The biggest problem with companies right now when it comes to sales.

4:30 What are the common stereotypes about selling?

6:05 How do you start a sales conversation during these times?

7:45 What is Catherine noticing about how businesses are navigating now and what they are anticipating for the future?

10:10 When you can’t sell face to face, Catherine offers advice to business owners.

12:20 Catherine outlines phases in a sales process and the vulnerability many salespeople experience when engaging face-to-face.

13:50 Hear common mistakes many people make when it comes to sales.

19:38 How you can move from a tactical discussion to a strategy conversation in sales.

25:12 The services Catherine offers to her clients and types of industries that need sales training more than others.

28:15 How we can navigate the age-old battle between marketing and sales within our companies.

32:52 Where business owners need to put their focus to generate income right now?

40:30 What recommendations does Catherine make for books to read on sales training.


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3 Phrases That Are Killing Your Leads

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Inner Game Of Selling by Ron Willingham


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