Ep. 17 Pivoting Your Business When Your Industry Stalls with Jeff Robertson

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Before the COVID pandemic, ETA Creative Event Producers put on an average of 100 shows (sales kick-offs, recognition events, product launches) a year for 45 unique brands. Within a matter of days, live events came to a grinding halt. The focus turned to what could be done virtually. Jeff Robertson, managing director, shares how his company pivoted to bring a next-level experience to Zoom-fatigued audiences. 


  • Consider the need for developing content, aligning with a platform (your virtual venue), and how to engage the user to give them a benefit from showing up. You also need to send the right message to serve your sponsors, visitors, and customers.
  • ETA saw an opportunity to turn their headquarters into a studio to host their virtual event for anyone within driving distance of Atlanta. They also have “fly-packs” to come to you.
  • Virtual events require additional planning to minimize risks with pre-recorded content. It’s a different approach than live events as it requires forecasting what you will need to say ahead of time.
  • Zoom fatigue forces us to think differently about how we generate engaging content people want to hear. Inject fun, gamification features, giveaways, and surprise guests to attract attendees.
  • ETA’s secret sauce is engineering environments to help customers tell their stories. They work to evoke an emotional experience from an attendee’s eyes. 
  • When it comes to virtual events, Jeff’s advice includes choosing a platform to suit your needs, fit your price point, and give you a level of engagement with your audiences. 

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Learn more about how ETA Creative Event Producers has pivoted to meet customer needs for virtual events. 


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