You Have an Email Strategy. Now What?

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Every business has an opportunity to reach out and build a relationship with its current and potential customers with a series of emails. Jeff Evans, co-host of Business Growth Insiders, shares how to take the next step in our series about the importance of growing an email list. 

Imagine, you’ve planned out your email campaigns, shared the right content with your reader, created a powerful subject line to encourage them to open,  and formatted it for easy reading. Now, what do you do with the emails? 

Don’t put them into your business email platform. No! You want to schedule them in an email automation system that will send them at a designated time and provide data about who has opened the emails and clicked on any links included in the email. This information will tell you even more about your readers. 

There are many email automation systems (Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Get Response, Mailchimp) to name a few. Jeff demonstrates how to use one of our favorites for those starting an email list. It’s MailerLite and is free for up to 2000 email addresses. Even after you grow your list it’s an easy-to-use solution.

Key Topics

  • Learn how to set up and schedule your emails
  • Get a peek behind the scenes at how to create attractive email formats to align with your brand
  • Understand what triggers are and why they are important to assure your email gets sent
  • Three emails are used to illustrate some of the email formatting tips 
  • What your dashboard can tell you about your readers 

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Learn More About Jeff

Jeff Evans has worked with over 100 businesses across dozens of industries and generated millions in sales for his clients with direct response marketing. He focuses on generating more leads, appointments, and sales for his clients through his proven, predictable system, designed to grow your business digitally. 


He’s the co-host of the Business Growth Insiders podcast speaking on all things on the digital side of marketing. He also enjoys playing as much tennis as possible and spending most of his time with his family.



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Looking for an easy-to-use email automation system? The podcast highlights MailerLite https://www.mailerlite.com/


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